Food and Beverage

Blanching, peeling, cooking, coating, distillation, evaporation, pasteurization, dehydration, extrusion, shrink wrapping - steam plays a part in a large number of food processes, from preparation and processing to preservation and packaging.

Few high-profile food brands reach the consumer without steam playing some part in their manufacture. From blanching, peeling, cooking and dehydration to extrusion and pasteurization, steam plays a part in many food processes.

Steam is widely used for indirect heating, direct heating and sterilization. It is essential that in direct contact applications high quality steam is available at the correct temperature and pressure.

With a practical, in-depth knowledge of the processes and standards involved in the food, dairy and beverage industries, we can help food producers and OEMs meet their health & safety and regulatory compliance challenges, as well as achieve their business objectives.

In the modern dairy, steam is used in a variety of production processes and to help maintain clean, sterile conditions. We also advocate the use of filtered and clean steam in direct heating processes to avoid the risk of product contamination and tainting that can result when normal plant steam comes into contact with the end product.

Spirax Sarco offers feedwater pre-treatment, heat exchange packages, pressure and temperature control systems, steam metering, clean steam filters and generators, and equipment to improve overall plant safety and efficiency. We can also provide design and project management services, training, full after-sales support and onsite maintenance.