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Steam has become the essential modern day utility for heat and sterilisation processes in virtually every area of industry. Industries such as food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, electronics, pulp and paper, rubber and plastics, and many more, rely completely on their steam systems.


We offer full support when the equipment arrives on site, ensuring rapid installation and precise commissioning.

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Our specialists will work closely with your team to identify, design and implement improvements to your steam system

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Who are we?

First for Steam Solutions

SpiraxSarco (founded in 1888) provides the most comprehensive range of products and services for the steam and condensate systems around the world from boiler house equipment to flow meters, control systems, steam traps, pipeline ancillaries, etc.

With over 125 years of experience across the industry, 12,000 steam related products and over 800 specialist engineers, SpiraxSarcois the first provider of steam system solutions.

Meet the entire team

We value our customers

  • Feedtanks, level controls and alarms, feedpump check valves, boiler blowdown valves, TDS control
systems, ...
  • Variable Area Orifice, Target Variable Area, Inline and Insertion Vortex, Insertion Turbine, Transit-time
Ultrasonic, Thermal Mass, ...
  • Pneumatically or electrically actuated two-port and three-port valves, positioners, programmable electronic
controllers, pneumatic transmitter controllers
  • Thermodynamic, Float & Thermostatic, balanced pressure, inverted bucket and bimetallic steam traps,
sealed and quickfit steam traps, ...
  • Automatic steam (or gas) powered fluid pumps, pump-trap combinations, electric powered condensate
recovery units and flash steam recovery vessels.
  •  Sanitary control and instrumentation, Pure and clean steam trapping, Sanitary ancillary products
  • Bellows sealed stop valves are ideal for any application where minimal maintenance and zero emissions are required.
  • Vital for the protection of people and plant. A comprehensive range of safety valves is available in bronze, iron and carbon
steel body materials.
  • This range of valves offers an effective, low maintenance solution for the prevention of reverse flow in pipelines.
  • Separators remove moisture from steam or gas
pipelines. They provide a drain point for condensate
droplets moving along the pipe wall and deflect entrained
droplets out of the main flow.
  • These ball valves are available as a manual valve or can be supplied with a pneumatic actuator.

Fields of Activity

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Food and Beverage

Blanching, peeling, cooking, coating, distillation, evaporation, pasteurization, dehydration,...

Oil, Gas, Petrochemical

Spirax Sarco's involvement with oil, gas and petrochemical companies is truly international and...


We understand that energy efficiency and plant reliability are of crucial importance to any...


We believe in developing long-standing relationships with our pharmaceutical customers based on...

We provide total steam system solutions ...

Our comprehensive product range covers the entire steam and condensate loop - from blow down valves and steam trap stations to bespoke packaged systems and sustainable boiler houses.

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